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Parliamentary Oversight of the Security Sector and Gender (Tool 7)




1. Introduction

2. What is parliamentary oversight of the security sector?

3. Why is gender important in parliamentary oversight of the security sector?
3.1 Inclusive, needs-based security laws and policies
3.2 Effective and representative security sector institutions
3.3 Equitable budgeting and resource management
3.4 Gender equality in parliamentary decision-making

4. How can gender be integrated into parliamentary oversight of the security sector?
4.1 Formulate inclusive, needs-based security laws and policies
4.2 Build representative and effective security sector institutions
4.3 Address gender-based violence
4.4 Increase women's representation in parliaments and parliamentary security decision-making
4.5 Implement equitable budgeting and procurement

5. Integrating gender into parliamentary oversight of the security sector in specific contexts
5.1 Post-conflict countries
5.2 Developed countries

6. Key recommendations for parliamentarians

7. Additional resources


This tool seeks to highlight the importance of parliamentary oversight of the security sector and the benefits parliamentarians derive from integrating a gender perspective into their work.

The main audiences at the national level include parliamentarians, parliamentary staffers and political parties. Members and staff of regional parliamentary bodies, such as the Pan African Parliament, the Central American Parliament, the European Parliament and the OSCE and NATO Parliamentary Assemblies are also a target audience; as are institutions and groups of parliamentarians, such as the Association of European Parliamentarians for Africa, which undertake parliamentary assistance activities. Government security sector reform and governance project officers, civil society organisations, researchers and academics working on the intersection of security, parliaments and gender will also find this tool useful. The tool includes:

- A conceptual introduction to parliamentary oversight of the security sector
- An outline of the importance and benefits of integrating gender into parliamentarians' work on security issues
- Actions on how to integrate gender into parliamentary oversight
- Examination of gender and parliamentary oversight in post-conflict, transitional, developing and developed country contexts

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