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Parliamentary Assistance



DCAF supports parliaments and independent oversight bodies in Europe and Central Asia to play a more effective role in the democratic governance of national security sectors. To this end, parliamentary assistance projects in the Europe and Central Asia region contribute to the following main objectives

  • Strengthening capacities of parliaments to legislate and oversee national security sectors;
  • Raising awareness on international standards and good practices in the work of parliaments and independent oversight bodies through development and delivery of knowledge products;
  • Enhancing the exchange and dialogue between parliamentary committees and national justice and security actors;
  • Fostering the cooperation between parliaments and civil society organizations and strengthening the role of civil society organizations in monitoring parliamentary performance in security sector oversight;
  • Providing parliamentary committees and independent oversight bodies with access to independent policy expertise;
  • Fostering regional parliamentary cooperation related to security sector governance.


Broader – and long established – cooperation with NATO Parliamentary Assembly supports regional discussion of a number of security governance issues such as defence reform, integrity building or gender and human rights in the armed forces.