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National Cybersecurity Strategies in Western Balkan Economies

17 January, 2021


In the contemporary world, information security is an integral part of overall security and functions to exercise and respect the rights, freedoms and interests of citizens, the economy, and the state. Across the Western Balkan region, significant progress has been made in developing the information security strategic framework and improving legal and operational capabilities to tackle cyber-related security threats.

The following regional review will offer valuable insights on the national cybersecurity strategy of each Western Balkan economy, explaining governance and institutional structures, regulatory frameworks, specific priority areas of each economy, risk assessments and management procedures, capacity building and awareness raising programs, as well as regional and international cooperation approaches.

The review follows the structure of the Guide to developing a national cybersecurity strategy - Strategic engagement in cybersecurity (2018), and examines if and how the national strategies follow the good practices recommended in the Guide.