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Monitoring Response of the Justice System to Domestic and Gender-Based Violence: 2019

29 July, 2020



This monitoring report is implemented within the scope of EU funded Pravo-Justice Project, which includes several activities aimed to strengthen the response of Ukraine's criminal justice system to gender-based violence cases, including domestic violence. It aims to analyse the changes in the legal and regulatory framework for responding to gender-based violence and domestic violence in particular; the ways the relevant provisions are implemented in practice; and to identify and analyse challenges faced by the authorities when applying the provisions and by the victims of domestic and gender-based violence when exercising their rights to access justice.

The monitoring conclusions and recommendations suggest how criminal justice actors can enhance their responses to gender-based and domestic violence, streamline institutional capacity building, develop more effective training materials (manuals, coursebooks, guidelines, and training programmes) and provide a foundation for improvements to the legislation in this field and future academic research.