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Mine Action in Peace Mediation: Promoting a Strategic Approach



This thematic brief was produced as part of DCAF’s preliminary research project “SSR in Peace Processes”, which sought to better articulate the linkages between peace processes and SSR and related issues including Mine Action, DDR and SALW control. The project was realized with the support of the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs.

In the context of peace mediation, mine action is often considered from a narrow technical point of view. Indeed, mine action is seen as a stand-alone topic, which is not directly related to the core elements of a mediation process and does not have the potential to support or facilitate such a process in itself. This technical approach does not take into account that mine action’s spectrum of activities has important synergies with other issues commonly addressed in peace mediation processes. Contrary to a narrow technical view, this thematic brief argues in favour of a more strategic approach to mine action in peace mediation, similar to that advocated for when dealing with security arrangements. A strategic approach takes advantage of the broader outcomes of mine action operations and enables better support to peace mediation, and to peace processes more generally.