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The Military, the Media and Public Perceptions in Egypt: Communication and Civil-Military Relations

18 November, 2016



Following the downfall of President Hosni Mubarak in January 2011, and more markedly after the July 2013 ouster of President Mohamed Morsi, Egypt’s military assumed a new role in national politics. In taking on such new responsibilities and control, the military also came to realize the powerful importance of the media, both as a useful political tool and as a significant potential threat. Building upon their traditional, historical role in Egyptian society, the military resolved to adopt strategies aimed at manipulating and severely controlling media organizations and journalists in order to support the military’s agenda and shape public opinion.

This paper examines the results of this new military approach to public communication. Specific attention is devoted to the military’s communication strategy, its evolution since January 2011, its effects on civil-military relations, as well as the consequences for media freedom.