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Maritime security sector governance and reform in Southeast Asia

16 May, 2023



Our latest Thematic Brief discusses the importance of Maritime Security Sector Governance and Reform (MSSG/R) in Southeast Asia. It highlights the region's diverse challenges, including territorial disputes, illegal trafficking, and piracy. These challenges are bringing an end to a long period of “sea blindness” in regional cooperation or prioritizing land issues over maritime issues.  Although there has been progress in legal frameworks, gaps in coherency and differences in understanding of maritime security across the region remain. The Brief considers the need to apply good governance principles, review policies, and consider human security impacts alongside the more traditional geopolitical lenses. 

The Brief also provides several concrete recommendations to further improve the state of MSSG in the region, such as promoting coordination efforts among state and non-state actors, negotiating new maritime agreements, and empowering local authorities and existing local efforts. 

The nature of maritime security requires an emphasis on regional and international responses.


Albrecht Schnabel