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Managing Change

31 December, 2001




The Concept of Security Sector Reform

Security Sector Reform and the Euro-Atlantic Region

Security Sector Reform and International Order

Managing Change


The change necessary to build a new international order that increases human security requires additional initiatives and the urgent need for a better coordination between policy areas that have, so far, not been recognised as being intimately interrelated.

What is needed is, in analogy to NATO's Defence Capabilities Initiative (DCI) and the PfP "Planning and Review Process" (PARP) some sort of a "Peace Capabilities Initiative", i.e. a comprehensive and coherent tool, based on a country's specific situation and objectives, covering the entire security sector, and aimed at providing countries in need over a reasonable period of time with the necessary instruments to regain, and then assure, the state monopoly of legitimate force. Like the DCI such a "PCI" should contain clearly defined objectives enabling progress or the lack of progress to be measured. It would facilitate foreign assistance programmes - while at the same time offering a useful tool in the fight against terrorism. In our interdependent world it is no longer enough to be able to win a war; we must also master the much more demanding task of being able to gain peace.