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The justice sector's response to violence against women in Morocco

18 March, 2024



On the occasion of International Women's Day, DCAF, in partnership with Association Adala “for the right to a fair trial”, launched "The justice sector's response to violence against women in Morocco: from the legal, political, and institutional framework to professional attitudes and practices".

This groundbreaking study delves into the treatment of incidents of violence against women within the Moroccan judicial system, employing both quantitative and qualitative methodologies.

Key insights include the legal and political and institutional framework surrounding violence against women, what we term as the “theoretical response”.

Our research sheds light on the practical response of the justice sector through meticulous analysis of court decisions and their alignment with law 103.13 on violence against women, alongside exploration of the attitudes and practices of justice professionals and the lived experiences of women victims.

With profound implications for policy, practice, and the protection of women's rights, this research paper offers vital evidence-based knowledge to advance the institutional response to gender-based violence from a victim-centered approach. It represents a significant step towards shaping a more equitable future for women in Morocco and beyond.

A complaint evaporation rate of 89.4% for violence against women in the Moroccan criminal justice system, as estimated by our study's findings, reveals the magnitude of the challenge in ensuring genuine justice for all women."

-> DOWNLOAD the flyer in English "Three indicators of the justice practical response to violence against women"