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IPES/DCAF Working Paper Series

31 December, 2006


Working Papers

Working Paper No 49 -  Perception is Reality: A Qualitative Approach to Understanding Police Officer Views on Civil Liability
Frank V. Ferdik (2013)

Working Paper 47 - A Snapshot of the Policing Practitioner and Academic Nexus: The Search for Enhanced Public Safety and Security
David Baker, 2013

Working Paper 42 - Public Trust in the Police: Identifying Factors that Shape Trust in the Ghanaian Police
Francis D. Boateng (2012)

Working Paper 41 - A Framework for Conducting Annual Community Safety Audits: an In-House Methodology for Police Departments
Joseph Clare, Darryl Plecas (2012)

Working Paper 40 - Examining Police Integrity: Categorizing Corruption Vignettes
David Jenks, Lee Michael Johnson, Todd Matthews (2012)

Working Paper 39 - Social network analysis in an operational environment: Defining the utility of a network approach for crime analysis using the Richmond City Police Department as a case study
Jennifer A. Johnson, John David Reitzel (2011)

Working Paper 38 - Fibre Hemp and Marihuana: assessing the differences between distinct varieties
Tom Decorte (2011)

Working Paper 37 - Introduction of a Community Involvement Component in Policing in Trinidad and Tobago: Reality or Rhetoric?
Wendell C. Wallace (2011)

Working Paper 35 - Legal analysis of the rights of police officers solving spectator violence incidents in the Czech Republic
Martin Hrinko (2011)

Working Paper 32 - Zero Tolerance in Implementation of Gun-Free School Zones Act of 1995 in the USA
Habib Ozdemir, Ramazan Yalcinkaya (2011)

Working Paper 31 - Job Expectation, Adjustment, and Coping Mechanisms among Women in two Police Forces in India
Jisu Ketan Pattanaik, Vidisha Barua Worley (2011)

Working Paper 30 - Compstat: Strategic Police Management for Effective Crime Deterrence in New York City
Habib Ozdemir (2011)

Working Paper 21 - Stress and Stress Management in Policing: A cross-sectional analysis of the literature in the field
Mikael Nygren, Staffan Karp (2010)

Working Paper 19 - Retrospective on the Community Safe Zone Project
Leonard D. Hamm (2009)

Working Paper 18 - First Step towards a Police Doctrine for UN Peace Operations (2001-2006)
Philipp Rotmann (2009)

Working Paper 17 - Une analyse des expériences non-étatiques de police de proximité en RDC
The African Movement of Grassroots non State Organizations (2009)

Working Paper 16 - Providing Efficient Police Services: A Cost-Benefit Analysis
Serdar Kenan Gul, Cemil Dogutas (2009)

Working Paper 13 - Controlling the Police: An Analysis of the Police Acts of Commonwealth Countries
G.P. Joshi (2006)

Working Paper 12 - The Concept of Asymmetrical Policing
Stephen L. Mallory (2006)

Working Paper 6 - Community Policing: A Comparative View
Dominique Wisler, Ihekwoaba D. Onwudiwe (2006)

Working Paper 3 - Challenges in Contemporary Police Leadership
John Middleton-Hope (2006)

Working Paper 2 - What does it Take to Recruit and Retain Police Officers?
Gwen Moity Nolan, Dee Wood Harper Jr. (2006)

Working Paper 1 - Le Community Policing en Belgique: péripéties de la constitution d'un modèle de travail policier
Sybille Smeets, Carrol Tange (2007)


The joint IPES and DCAF Working Paper Series is an open forum for the global community of police experts, researchers, and practitioners provided by the International Police Executive Symposium (IPES) and the Geneva Center for the Democratic Control of the Armed Forces (DCAF). It intends to contribute to worldwide dialogue and information exchange in policing issues by providing an access to publication and the global public sphere to the members of the interested community. In essence, the Working Paper Series is pluralist in outlook. It publishes contributions in all fields of policing and manuscripts are considered irrespective of their theoretical or methodological approach. The Series welcomes in particular contributions from countries of the South and those countries of the universe which have limited access to Western public sphere.

Members of the editorial board are Dominique Wisler (editor-in-chief,, Amman, Jordan), Philipp Fluri (Deputy Director of the Geneva Center for the Democratic Control of the Armed Forces, Geneva), Rick Sarre (professor of Law and Criminal Justice at the University of South Australia, Adelaide), Kam C. Wong (associate professor and chair of the Department of Criminal Justice of Xavier University, Ohio), and Ihekwoaba D. Onwudiwe (professor of Administration of Justice at Texas Southern University).