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International Support to Security Sector Reform in Ukraine: A Mapping of SSR Projects

21 June, 2016



In 2015, the Swedish National Contact Group for Security Sector Reform (NCSSR) conducted an SSR assessment of Ukraine on behalf of the Swedish government. Building on this experience, and the report submitted to the Swedish government, the Folke Bernadotte Academy (FBA) published a mapping study on international support to SSR in Ukraine: “International Support to Security Sector Reform in Ukraine, A Mapping of SSR Projects”. In cooperation with FBA, DCAF and CACDS translated the report into Ukrainian and Russian, all of which, including the English original, are available here.

This publication is a contribution to information-sharing and coordination in favour of an effective, affordable, accountable and transparent security sector in Ukraine. It represents a snapshot of the state of SSR-related support to Ukraine.

For further information on the FBA and its publications please visit their web-site here.