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Women Speak: The Lived Nexus Between Climate, Gender and Security

15 March, 2022



A growing body of research recognises the gendered impacts of climate change, and how these are impacted by armed conflict. Women often bear the brunt of conflicts over land and natural resources, climate-related displacement, and gender-based violence.  

With climate issues garnering attention in peace processes, peace building policy, and security sector reform, this is a critical moment for a gender-climate lens to be included in countries’ peace and security processes and improve global policy tools on the gender, security, and climate nexus, while building an understanding of how climate change policy and the women, peace and security agenda can be mutually reinforcing.  

Sixty-eight women’s rights organizations from Colombia, Mali, and Yemen came together to contribute to this set of policy recommendations to guide international and national environmental and peacebuilding policy and programming.