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Systematization of advice on police use of force: Honduran National Police

10 June, 2024



The process of supporting the use of police force in Honduras by DCAF and COSUDE Police Advisory Programme has been a transformative journey that, in collaboration with the Secretary of State for the Security Office (SEDS) and the National Police of Honduras (PNH) has redefined the practices and policies of the Honduran police institution, marking a milestone in the commitment to national norms, international standards and respect for human rights.

This significant change was made possible thanks to a comprehensive advisory programme that, throughout its phases, has addressed the legal, operational and cultural complexities surrounding the use of force in the country.

The purpose of this systematization is to compile the experiences before, during and after the advice provided by DCAF in Honduras on the use of the SEDS/PNH police force, in order to extract lessons learned to improve the police institution in this area.

The standardization and clarity in the use of force through the manual has generated confidence in our actions, thus reducing the risk of abuse and strengthening the legitimacy of our institution.
- Commissioner Cruz, Director of Human Rights, Honduran National Police


Dan Hales, Edward Niño Ramírez, Diego García Represa