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Making the World a More Secure Place

31 December, 2003




The Nature of Violence Against Women

Roots of Gender-Based Violence

The Costs of Violence Against Women

The International Community’s Struggle to Eliminate Gender-Based Violence

What is Recommended by the International Community to End Violence Against



Women are often humiliated, tortured and raped in the privacy of their ownhome, where implementing the legal protection of their rights is particularly difficult.This "private" aspect of violence against women enables those in charge of protecting human rights to ignore it despite it being common and widespread.

Although it is difficult to deal with violence with emotional detachment, the subject can be approached in a rational way - why is violence against women so universal and pervasive, what are its roots and causes and why is the struggle against it so arduous.

This paper attempts to point to some possible answers to these questions and to show the methods and measures that are taken, and could be taken in the future in order to end the violence.