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Introduction to the Rights of Conscripts



This introductory e-learning course aims to provide participants with fundamental knowledge of the rights of conscripts within the framework of international legal instruments applicable to various political and legal settings, with special reference to the European human rights framework.

The course will teach the participants what rights are applicable to conscripts, what are the international legal instruments safeguarding them, and how can the rights of conscripts be restricted or interfered with. Upon completing the course, the participant will be able to assess the legitimacy of restrictions to the rights of conscripts, the scope of states’ obligations as regards conscription and to identify potential infringements of the rights of conscripts on the basis of applicable international law and jurisprudence.

The course is divided into ten sections:

- Introduction to the recent developments on the rights of conscripted armed forces personnel
Lesson 1: General Overview of Conscription and Key Terms and Concepts
Lesson 2: Prohibition of Torture and Inhuman or Degrading Treatment of Punishment, and the Right to Life
Lesson 3: The Right to Liberty and Security and the Right to a Fair Trial
Lesson 4: Freedom of Assembly and Association and Freedom of Expression
Lesson 5: Right to Conscientious Objection based on the Freedom of Thought, Conscience and Religion
Lesson 6: Prohibition of Forced or Compulsory Labour in contravention of Article 4 of the European Convention
Lesson 7: Right to Private Life, Right to Family and Found a Family, and Correspondence, and Right to Property
Lesson 8:  Right to a Decent and Adequate Housing, Accommodation, and the Right to Decent and Sufficient Nutrition
Lesson 9: Right to Dignity, Health Protection, Protection from Sexual Harassment, and Work Security

The target audience includes military legal advisors, civil society representatives, representatives of organizations dealing with human rights and particularly with the rights of conscripts, and conscripts themselves.

The course is available in English and Russian.

Click here to access the course "Introduction to the Rights of Conscripts" in ENGLISH

Click here to access the course "Introduction to the Rights of Conscripts" in RUSSIAN