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Independent Report – Security Sector Governance in Moldova

10 May, 2024



The publication is a comprehensive analysis of the current status of the security sector in the Republic of Moldova.

Under the coordination of DCAF and PISA, the Platform for Security and Defense Initiatives, the report is the result of a collaborative effort by a multi-disciplinary group of 12 experts from the Moldovan civil society, and provides an independent analysis of the security sector landscape in Moldova. It evaluates the reforms implemented to date and the performance of security providers and institutions responsible for executive control and democratic oversight.

It breaks down different topics, including the Moldovan National Security Strategy, European integration, public perceptions or the security sector, executive control, and other essential areas to determine the current nature of the issue area, its broader implications, and recommendations to address shortcomings. Accountability, transparency, rule of law, participation, responsiveness, efficiency, and effectiveness are used as indicators to measure the performance of institutions engaged in democratic oversight and control of the security sector.

As Moldova seeks to engage in major reforms across its government and strive towards creating a more democratic society, the information provided in this report can serve as a useful tool for the Moldovan government, civil society, and the general public to engage in a constructive dialogue about necessary reforms and improvements to the security sector.

By providing a perspective from within civil society, the Report reflects citizens’ concerns and expectations of government.”

The study was conducted within the DCAF “Strengthening security sector governance in Moldova” project, with the support of Sweden.


Natalia Albu, Vadim Enicov