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Handling and Protection of Classified Information in Parliaments


The e-tutorial provides information on the protection and handling of classified information in accordance with generally acceptable standards and best practices in democratic countries.

The e-tutorial consists of four modules:

1. Parliamentary oversight and access to classified information which covers special legislative provisions for members of parliament (MPs) and their staffers in the context of legislative oversight of the security sector;
2. General information which introduces basic concepts and definitions in the field of classified information and covers the organisation of the National Security Authority;
3. Personnel Security which is devoted to vetting procedures, concepts of reliability and trustworthiness, training and clearance certificates;
4. Physical Security which discusses basic requirements for physical security of classified information and their handling by the MPs and staffers.

More specifically, the e-tutorial answers the following questions:  

- Why MPs need access to classified information;
- What information is classified and how we can recognise it;
- Who can get access to classified information and how;
- How is classified information disseminated and protected, and more.

The e-tutorial is comprised of short quizzes at the end of each module and a final test at the end of the e-tutorial.

It is available in English, Albanian, Armenian, Macedonian, Russian and Serbian.

If you are interested in this training, kindly send an email to indicating the language in which you want to take the course and we will provide you with the login details.