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Guide to develop, share and effectively implement Communication Plans for Agencies and institutions of the Security Sector

12 October, 2021



Security institutions should have a communication plan, through which strategic communication actions are designed to contribute to institutional positioning, both with internal and external audiences.

Communication management is an important task for security sector institutions. Institutional media, whether offline or online, become instruments that convey the objectives and results of institutions to partners and the public. This makes it possible to not only inform target audiences but also render the institutional management more transparent and accountable through the establishment of permanent information flows between institutions and their target audiences.

Communication management has a direct impact on the generation of confidence.

This Guide provides knowledge and tools to guide personnel in charge of communication units of security sector agencies and external oversight institutions on the process of preparing a communication plan, as well as the steps and tools for its socialisation.  

In addition, this Guide seeks to increase awareness of the importance of communication in institutions of the security sector and the need to promote it from the highest decision-making level.

The communication campaigns component outlined in this Guide is specifically developed in the guide: Communication Campaigns in the Security Sector: Guide for their design, implementation and monitoring