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Factsheet on NATO Policies, Structures, Initiatives and Resources on Gender and Women, Peace and Security

10 June, 2016



In the last decade, NATO has shown keen interest in integrating gender in military operations as well as empowering women throughout its operations and internal structures, led by the advances in women’s integration in some of its key militaries. Several working groups as well as member institutions of the Partnership for Peace Consortium of Defense Academies and Security Studies Institutes (PfPC) have concomitantly taken steps to integrate gender in their activities. This factsheet was compiled by the Security Sector Working Group (SSR WG) of the PfPC. Its aim is to provide an overview of existing gender policies, structures, resources and initiatives in NATO. The factsheet also seeks to identify complementary efforts by the PfPC and its stakeholders in integrating gender, with a view to inform cooperation in joint research, outreach and expert formation in the PfPC context, as well as to serve as the basis for identifying complementary areas of activity.