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DCAF Annual Report 2023

6 June, 2024


In these times of conflict and violence, fluctuating geopolitics, and democratic backsliding, building and repairing trust is fundamental to achieving peace and setting the stage for development. Security sector reform and good governance are crucial in this regard, especially in fragile and conflict-affected places.

In this report, you will find selected highlights and key moments of 2023, reflecting our efforts to continue putting people at the centre of security sector reforms and ensure that the needs of women, men, girls, and boys are all factored into the establishment of accountable and effective security and justice. 

For a full overview of our results in 2023, please visit the 2023 annual report web page or download our selection of photos that marked the year in English and French.


Contributors – Dominic Collins, Valérie Gatellier, Julia Klever, Yury Korobovsky, Katie Maloan
Editors – Maritie Gaidon, Quade Hermann