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Checklist for Gender Curriculum Review

31 December, 2012


The 16th meeting of the Security Sector Reform Working Group of the Partnership for Peace Consortium, hosted in Oberammergau from 17 to 20 July 2012 in collaboration with the Education Development Working Group and the NATO School Oberammergau, brought together experts on military education, gender training for the military and integrating gender in military operations.[1] They shared experiences and collectively identified good practices in teaching gender concepts and content to the military, and in employing gender-responsive teaching practices.

The best practices listed in this document span four broad aspects of curriculum review:

(1)    Building faculty and trainers’ gender expertise

(2)    Mainstreaming gender learning across the curricula

(3)    Teaching methods

(4)    Assessment, evaluation and validation

[1] For the after action report of this workshop, see


Security Sector Reform Working Group and Education Development Working Group of the Partnership for Peace Consortium