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Changing mindsets for gender equal security institutions


Achieving gender equality in the security sector is a journey. To identify positive change, one might look for “hard tools” as evidence: institutional policies, frameworks or written guidance on gender mainstreaming. But there are other complementary foundational variables for achieving gender equality: mindset and perception shift, recognition of own gender bias, self-reflection, presence of role models, committed leadership and institutional culture. 

To understand this, DCAF undertook a structured, purposefully designed evaluative exercise to understand the impact of select activities implemented in 2022 and 2023 as part of the Ministry of Defense’s Women in Defense programme, under UN Women’s Accelerating the Implementation of the Women, Peace, and Security Agenda in Georgia program, generously supported by the UK Government.

This change story video highlights progress by the Georgian Ministry of Defence  and the Georgian Defence Forces  toward gender equality and DCAF’s and UN Women in Georgia’s contribution to this journey.