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Human security challenges in the Tunisian Northwest

10 December, 2014



This report summarizes the outcomes of a conference on security challenges in Northwestern Tunisia, which was held in April 2014 in Tabarka in the Jendouba governorate.The publication focuses on the following four main topics:

  • Political security and the decentralization that followed the revolution in Tunisia;
  • Economic security and development needs in Northwestern Tunisia;
  • Health and social security in inland regions, which are marginalized and economically deprived  in comparison to coastal regions;
  • Public safety in the context of promoting security sector reform and citizen participation in its proceedings.

The publication outlines a general feeling of material and physical insecurity in the region but also shows the citizens’ willingness to engage in a constructive dialogue with the public authorities.

In order to better address these challenges, the report proposes a number of practical recommendations for advancing the public consultation process and implementing the necessary reforms at the regional level.