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Human Rights and SSG/R - Mapping out the role of human rights standards in the provision, management and oversight of security

7 July, 2021



This SSR Backgrounder explains how human rights are conceptually related to SSG/R and how human rights standards apply to the provision, management, and oversight of security.

As there are many contexts where security sector actors infringe upon human rights in spite of their mandate to protect them, the Backgrounder places particular emphasis on oversight mechanisms, which are being continuously expanded and refined in order to ensure accountability for human rights in all structures, processes, and practices of the security sector.

Finally, an analysis of the specific challenges to the observance of human rights in transition, post-conflict, and fragile contexts provides an overview of how SSR can support the enduring institutionalization and implementation of such rights.

Security sector actors must abide by human rights standards in their activities and make sure that any restrictions of human rights in the provision of security always respect the legal conditions of derogation, are limited in time and scope, and are monitored by independent oversight bodies.