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Handbook on Disclosure of Conflict of Interests No. 1 of 2020

30 June, 2020



The Council of Ministers Decision No. (1) for the year 2020 on the Disclosure of Conflict of Interest Regulation was issued by the recommendation of the Anti-Corruption Commission. It includes (17) articles with the aim of preventing conflicts of interest, controlling and identifying conflict of interest cases, how to handle such cases, ensuring the disclosure of conflict of interest issues in the public institution, and holding them accountable. It also includes forms which has been uniquely developed to correspond to the disclosure of conflicts of interest.

DCAF in cooperation with PACC developed and published Handbook based on the Palestinian regulatory framework with references to international best practices. DCAF developed, designed and printed Handbook on how to implement the conflict of interests’ regulations.

The objective is to improve public oversight in the public and security institutions. It aims to support executive authorities and PASF endorse policy decisions aligned to the guiding norms and good practices to reinforce transparency, accountability and measures to fight corruption. It also aims at strengthening the prevention measures to fight against corruption.

The handbook was prepared by experts from PACC and Ms. Sandrine Richard, the international expert, who provided the international standards and best practices.


Eman Redwan, Adam Styp-Rekowski, Intisar Abu Khalaf, Dr. Hamdi Khawaja, Osama Saedi, and Rola Kobabji