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A guide on the Security Council Resolution 1325 regarding Women, Peace and Security and its complementary resolutions

30 December, 2020



The upcoming anniversary of the adoption of the United Nations Security Council Resolution (UNSCR) 1325 marks an opportunity to increase awareness on its objectives and principles within the gender units of Palestine’s  security forces and Ministry of Interior (MoI), especially in regards to the implementation within the country.

The guideline covers the definition of the Security Council Resolution 1325, as well as eight complementary Security Council resolutions on peace and security. It further indicates how to localize the resolution in the Palestinian security sector in order to contribute to its reform. As such, the author reviews Palestine’s national plans to customize the resolution to the local context.

The most important recommendations towards the Palestinian security institutions focus on the need to review the legal and institutional frameworks  in regard to the role of women in security agencies and their part in reforming the Palestinian security sector. Dr. Abdeen highlights the importance to review the complaints system related to the security sector in a gender-responsive manner. As such, it is crucial to ensure effective and equal participation and representation of women in preparing plans and programs.

Furthermore, the necessity to strengthen the efficiency of female members in the security forces through the  allocation of  specialized courses on planning and budgeting that respond to gender issues is emphasized. The Guidebook identifies shortcomings within the Palestinian legislation with a particular focus on the right to assembly in international conventions.

The report was prepared by a local legal expert who consulted a number of official bodies, including the Ministry of Justice, human rights defenders, civil society institutions, and journalists who covered peaceful gatherings in practice.


Eman Redwan