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Gender Training for Security Sector Personnel. good practices and lessons learned (Tool 12)

1 January, 2008




1. Introduction

2. What is gender training for security sector personnel?

3. Why is gender training important for security sector personnel?
3.1 Effective delivery of security and justice services
3.2 Non-discriminatory and productive workplaces
3.3 Prevent human rights violations

4. How should security sector personnel be trained on gender issues?
4.1 Planning and preparing gender training
How to get senior management’s support for gender training
How should a pre-training gender assessment be conducted?
How can gender training be adapted to different contexts and participants?
Who should be the gender trainer?
How to conduct gender training-of-trainers?
4.2 Implementing gender training
What curriculum and structure should gender training have?
Integrating gender into training for security sector personnel
What time frame should gender training have?
What pedagogy for gender training?
Which materials for gender training?
4.3 Evaluating gender training
External or internal evaluator?
Evaluating gender training with Kirkpatrick’s evaluation methodology Indicators
Challenges of gender training evaluation
4.4 Following up gender training

5. Key recommendations

6. Additional resources


This tool is designed to provide a basic introduction to SSR and gender issues for the staff of national governments (including in donor countries), security sector institutions, and regional and international organisations, responsible for the development of SSR policy and programming. Civil society organisations, academics and researchers working on gender and security matters will also find it useful.

The tool includes:

- An introduction to gender training for security sector personnel
- Practical tips and examples of good practices in gender training for security sector personnel
- Entry points for incorporating gender into training for security sector personnel

 See this page for more information on The GSSR Toolkit and the full range of "Tools" and "Practice Notes."