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Gender and the Security Sector: A Survey of the Security Services of The Gambia

5 March, 2020


While The Gambia’s National Security Policy identifies gender mainstreaming within the security sector as an important element of national security, there has been no comprehensive document available to the government or security institutions providing an overview of the extent of gender mainstreaming within the security sector. This survey aims at enabling a deeper understanding of whether women have equal opportunities to serve in security sector institutions, and how well the security sector is responding to the different security needs of women, men, boys and girls, in particular regarding violence against women (VAW). It specifically focuses on the following institutions: Gambia Armed Forces, Gambia Police Force, Drug Law Enforcement Agency The Gambia, Gambia Fire and Rescue Service and Gambia Prison Service. This survey also includes chapters on the legal and policy framework on gender and security, the justice sector, as well as a review of the draft Constitution from a gender perspective.