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Essentials of Defence Institution Building

1 January, 2009




Foreword by General Raimund Schittenhelm


Chapter I: Democratic Control of Defence Activities

Chapter II: Civilian Participation In Developing And Implementing Defence Policy

Chapter III: Legislative and Judicial Oversight of Defence

 Chapter IV: Assessing Security Risks and National Defence Requirements

 Chapter V: Managing Defence

Chapter VI: International Norms in Defence Governance

Chapter VII: Personnel Management in Defence

Chapter VIII: Financial Planning within Defence

Chapter IX: Managing Defence Spending Within the National Economy

Chapter X: The International Setting for National Defence

About the Author



Building on the PAP-DIB Sourcebook published in 2006, this book provides a focused view of the ten PAP-DIB objectives in response to public interest in the topic in PfP nations. Outlining the principles of transparency, accountability and good governance in the context of the PAP-DIB initiative, Essentials of Institution Building provides a concise overview of the core issues and tools at the heart of the PAP-DIB programme.