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Quick reference guide: Entry points for addressing trauma in police reform programmes

19 March, 2024


Trauma is nuanced and multi-layered, and there are no one-size-fits-all solutions. Any efforts to address specific aspects of trauma must be carefully adapted to the specific context and culture of the organization(s) addressed by security sector reform.

This quick reference guide offers a summary of questions security sector reform practitioners should consider when designing and implementing police reform programmes in any context.


The guide is intended as a complement to the DCAF study on trauma-informed approaches to police reform “Addressing Trauma as a Missing Element in Security Sector Governance and Reform: Perspectives on Trauma-Informed Policing”. The study analysed three elements of trauma in policing (individual, organizational and collective), highlighting the importance of understanding where possible responses are available to mitigate these elements, both from within the organization and externally.