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Digitalization and SSG/R: projections into the future

16 October, 2023



This research aims to shed light on the complex intersection of digitalization and security sector governance.

First, it investigates the multifaceted challenges and opportunities digitalization presents for good security sector governance.

Second, it scrutinizes how key security sector actors have adapted to the digital transition, as well as to the emergence of new players within the security ecosystem.

Last, the study provides specific recommendations to effectively navigate the intricacies of digital technologies, recognizing the dual-use nature of these technologies and the critical role of security sector governance and reform (SSG/R) in shaping ethical technology use and robust digital governance frameworks.

To achieve these objectives, the current research employs the Delphi method. The Delphi method is a forecasting framework developed to achieve reliable consensus on complex problems. The method is based on an iterative process consisting of three rounds of questionnaires that were sent in 2021 to a larger group of experts.

The report provides a comprehensive review of relevant literature, details the research methodology, analyses five key thematic areas identified through the literature review and the insights shared by the experts, and concludes with findings, recommendations, and some avenues for future research.  

There is a shared understanding that digital technologies will reshape governance structures, while prompting new patterns of coordination and cooperation within and across state security institutions.