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Democratic Oversight and Reform of the Security Sector in Turkey

1 January, 2008





Preface-Dr. Philipp H. Fluri

Introduction: Creating Public Interest, Sensitivity and Engagement as part of Security Sector Reform-Dr. Ümit Cizre

1. Turkish Grand National Assembly (TBMM)-Ahmet Yıldız

2. Government-Zühtü Arslan

3. National Security Council-Gencer Özcan

4. Military Judiciary-Ümit Kardaş

5. Turkish Armed Forces-Lale Sarıibrahimoğlu

6. Police-Ä°brahim Cerrah

7. Gendarmerie-Lale Sarıibrahimoğlu

8. Coast Guard-Lale Sarıibrahimoğlu

9. Special Operations Unit-Ertan Beşe

10. Private Security-Mesut Bedri Eryılmaz

11. Temporary Village Guards-Ertan Beşe

12. Police Intelligence-Mesut Bedri Eryilmaz

13. National Intelligence Organisation-Ferhat Ünlü

14. Gendarmerie Intelligence (JİTEM-JİT)-Ertan Beşe

15. Non-Governmental Organisations-Ferhat Ünlü

16. Media-Önder Aytaç

List of Acronyms

Bibliography and Sources

List of Contributors


This book vividly describes the historical background, current issues, and remaining challenges of Turkey's security sector institutions and their democratic oversight. As Turkey proceeds on its path towards possible European Union membership, this book documents its progress on the touchstone issue of contemporary civil-military relations, the challenging issue of instituting civilian and democratic oversight and control mechanisms over a whole array of security institutions including the police, gendarmerie, army, intelligence services and many others. Girts Valdis Kristovskis, Vice-Chairman, Subcommittee on Security and Defence, European Parliament

Civil-military relations in Turkey have undergone great and constructive changes during the past few years, which, if continued, will also have a positive impact on the accession negotiations with the European Union. In this context it will be very important, building on the goodwill which the Turkish military possess in society, to develop an informed security community consisting of members of parliament, academicians, journalists underpinning of security policy. I trust that this reference book will provide them with most useful support. Dr. W. F. van Eekelen, Former Minister of Defence, Netherlands

The Editor of this book, Dr. Ümit Cizre, is Associate Prof. of Political Science at Bilkent University/Ankara

Please note that due to an agreement with the publisher, we can only provide some chapters and sections of the book for download.