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Demobilizing and Retraining for the Future

1 July, 2005



Table of Contents

The Political and Economic Framework
From Milosevic to Post-Djindjic: Military reform and political instability
Miltary reform in stormy seas: Economic issues

From JNA to VSCG: Structure and Problems of the Armed Forces in Serbia and Montenegro

Military Personnel in Transition: War Veterans, Pensioners and Dismissed Officers

The PRISMA Project: Downsizing and Resettlement
Political background
Program design and institutional set-up
Decisive issues for success or failure


More than 10 years after the signing of the Dayton Agreement, and over six years after the war in Kosovo, all Western Balkan countries have entered a phase of downsizing and restructuring of their respective armed forces. Even in Serbia and Montenegro the goal is to join NATO's Partnership for Peace and to become a full member of NATO itself.