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Defence Institution Building

1 January, 2006


List of Contents

Introduction - What Kind of Defence Do We Need? - Dr. Willem F. Van Eekelen

The Division of Labour in the Defence and Security Sphere - Col. Fred Schreier

Democratic Control of Defence Activities - Dr. Hans Born

Civil-Military Relations and the Formulation of Security Policy - Dr. Willem F. Van Eekelen

Legislative Oversight of the Security Sector - Dr. Willem F. Van Eekelen

Threat and Security - Dr. Jan Arveds Trapans

Democracy, Security and Defence Planning - Dr. Jan Arveds Trapans

Arrangements and Practices to Ensure Compliance with Internationally Accepted Norms and Practices Established in the Defence Sector - Dr. Victor-Yves Ghebali

Principles and Practices in Personnel Policies: The Case of the Hungarian Defence Forces - Dr. Ferenc Molnar

Financial Planning and Resource Allocation in the Defence Area - Dr. Hari Bucur-Marcu

Economically Viable Management and Defence Spending - Mr. Mihály Zambori

Arrangements to Ensure Good Neighbourly Relations in Defence and Security Matters - Dr. Pál Dunay

Intelligence Management and Oversight - Col. Fred Schreier

Parliaments and Defence Procurement - Dr. Willem F. Van Eekelen

Information Standards, Media Policy and Public Relations - Mr. Robert Pszczel

Defence Institutions and Information Policy - Dr. Hari Bucur-Marcu

Defence Management and Civil Society Interaction and Co-operation - Dr. Velizar Shalamanov

Part II: Executive Summary - Joseph L. Derdzinski


Wim F Van Eekelen, Philipp H. Fluri