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Cybersecurity - DCAF's work on Cert Development


DCAF works with CERTs in the Western Balkans to help them develop their institutional capacities. In a targeted intervention with the team, we assist them in better targeting their limited resources to do the best they can for their constituency. This involves working on identifying the team’s strengths, addressing its weaknesses, and working towards a better use of the capacities of all its staff members. DCAF’s support focuses on procedures as well as on people, because the work of each CERT is also supported and constrained by laws and regulations, political priorities, and institutional cultures. Being aware of this framework allows DCAF to help the CERT set realistic goals. Thanks to our extensive knowledge of public administration in Western Balkan countries, we are familiar with the wider context in which national and governmental CERTs operate. We are also aware of the level of flexibility that CERTs have in shaping their institutional structure and staff development.