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Cybersecurity and human rights in the Western Balkans: mapping governance and actors

5 October, 2022



This publication focuses on mapping cybersecurity-related human rights opportunities and challenges, and represents an area that is under-explored in the region.  

There are six chapters in total, one for each economy in the Western Balkans. Each begins with essential conceptual background information regarding the cybersecurity and human rights contexts of each economy. They then each explore four core thematic issues: cybersecurity and the right to privacy, cybersecurity and freedom of expression, cybersecurity and freedom of peaceful assembly (and, where relevant, freedom of association), and cybersecurity and anti-discrimination. Finally, they present ways forward, with concrete recommendations for stakeholders.

The study as a whole aims to offer recommendations for the inclusion of human rights standards in cybersecurity governance and for better implementation of cybersecurity norms within the human rights frameworks of the Western Balkans region.

“A human-centric approach to defining cybersecurity means a focus not only on securing networks and services but also on how these networks and services can be used safely by all members of society.”


Franziska Klopfer, Ena Bavcic, and Laylo Merali