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Critical Human Security Issues in Iraq

30 September, 2021


Iraq is a war-torn country which faces significant security and justice challenges, including a large number of internally displaced persons and concerns that small cells of defeated Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant remain in hiding in rural areas.

Iraq’s civil society, in particular youth, are protesting for a better future with less corruption, better governance and lower unemployment rates.

This publication aims to address emerging concerns for human security in a country of high interest to International Security Sector Advisory Team (ISSAT) Partners.

It builds on DCAF’s operational programming, open-source documents, as well as the learning ISSAT captures from its International Partners’ Group engagement in the country and maps out the top challenges and actors impacting the hybrid security landscape in the country.
This note also aims to be a conversation starter and ISSAT welcomes comments and contributions from its members and Community of Practice.