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Conference Proceedings 3: Governance and Reform of State Security Services in Ukraine

31 December, 1969


 This publication offers the proceedings of the Conference III “Governance and Reform of State Security Services: Best Practices”. Following the findings of the previous two conferences, participants elaborated current challenges related to reforms of the State Security Agencies and r ole of democratic institutions in Ukrainian Security Sector Governance. In addition to identifica- tion of the reform challenges and priorities, one of the main objectives was to propose solutions based on lessons learned and international best practices relevant to Ukrainian realities. This publication offers presentations of the key speakers and selected remarks during Q&A sessions. General assessments, conclusions and proposals are those of the participants and do not necessarily coincide with the positions of DCAF, the Razumkov Centre or the official position of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands. Publication was made possible in the framework of the joint DCAF-Razumkov Centre Project “Monitoring Ukraine’s Security Governance Challenges” sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands.


DCAF, Razumkov Centre