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Climate security and the security sector in Southeast Asia

23 January, 2023



Four of the ten countries most affected by climate change in the past twenty years are in Southeast Asia. As such, climate change poses a profound threat to populations across the region, spanning traditional security dimensions as well as non-traditional aspects such as food, water and health security.

Moreover, climate change amplifies existing inequalities within and between populations and their access to security and justice.

This broadside attack on human security poses many challenges for security sector actors, who are asked to respond to an invisible threat that is both everywhere and nowhere at once. Security sectors across Southeast Asia are grappling with the changes required of them to deliver good security. This Thematic Brief analyses ongoing reform efforts and explores the links between SSG/R and climate security in Southeast Asia.

The Brief also offers concrete suggestions for practitioners and experts working either in the region or on climate security to help better equip security sectors to respond to and prepare for climate-induced security challenges


Albrecht Schnabel