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Challenges for Integrated Border Management in the European Union

31 December, 2009



Table of Contents


List of Abbreviations and Acronyms

1. Introduction

2. The Changing Nature of Borders

3. The Practices of Border Management

4. The Multiple Dimensions of Integrated Border Management

5. The Political Contexts of IBM in the EU

6. Security Sector Reform and IBM

7. IBM in EU Policy Thinking


9. The Challenges for IBM in the EU: Can IBM Succeed?

10. Building Integrative Capacity in the European Union

11. Appendix: Methodological Note

12. References


The expansion of the European Union has required a rethinking of how theexternal borders of the EU can best be protected against transnational crime, illegalimmigration, trafficking in goods and people, non-legitimate asylum seekers andterrorist-related threats. The history, strategic logic, issues faced and currentpolicies for securing the expanding external borders of the EU through theintegrated border management (IBM) vision and strategy will be described andcritically analysed. The paper is based on information in publicly availabledocuments from EU institutions, scholarly writings on borders and themanagement of border controls, my own prior writings on border controls andpolice reforms, and a few interviews with participants involved in creating a newEU integrated border management system.