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Case Studies on Intelligence Governance in the Western Balkans

31 May, 2012


Intelligence governance in Albania [Albanian] [English]

Intelligence governance in Bosnia and Herzegovina [Bosnian] [English]

Intelligence governance in Croatia [ Croatian] [English]

Intelligence governance in Kosovo [ Albanian] [Serbian] [English]

Intelligence governance in Macedonia [Macedonian] [Albanian] [English]

Intelligence governance in Montenegro [Montenegrin] [English]

Intelligence governance in Serbia [Serbian] [English]

Intelligence Governance in the Western Balkans: A Comparative Perspective. [English] [Serbian]


As part of this project, DCAF commissioned regional experts to draft case studies of intelligence governance throughout the region. Each of these studies addresses a range of issues including:

  • the structure, mandate and powers of intelligence communities;
  • the relationship between intelligence services and law enforcement bodies;
  • the legal frameworks for intelligences services and their oversight;
  • oversight and control of intelligence services by parliament, the executive branch, internal mechanisms, independent state institutions, the media and civil society.

The English language versions of the studies will be published in an edited volume in early 2013.

These studies were written by independent experts; the opinions that are expressed therein do not necessarily reflect the opinions and assessments of DCAF.