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Building confidence through SSR: lessons learned from Yemen

19 September, 2022



DCAF is engaged in a project in Yemen which focuses on building the foundations for peace through security sector reform (SSR) around a series of dialogues with key parties to the conflict.

The project is being implemented throughout a period in which the situation in Yemen has experienced both positive and negative developments. Given the complex nature of the current context in Yemen, it is obviously too early to draw any conclusions about the longer-term evolution and outcomes of SSR in Yemen. However, it is possible to offer initial observations which may be relevant not only to future developments in Yemen but also to other countries in the midst of negotiating their own conflict to peace transition.

This paper reflects on the experiences and lessons learned from the dialogue sessions hosted by DCAF in a variety of locations in Jordan and Switzerland as well as online with a view to contributing to the communities of practice working on SSG/R and peacebuilding.


Mark Ewing, Khaldoon Bakahail, Laetitia Qabbani-Rouget