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Arrested Policing: Assessment of Damage to Criminal Justice Infrastructure in the Gaza Strip during Operation "Protective Edge"

3 June, 2015


In the summer of 2014, Israel launched Operation “Protective Edge” in the Gaza Strip. During the Operation, over 2,200 Palestinians were killed and more than 70 Israelis. The fighting also caused significant damage to the local criminal justice infrastructure and, consequently, the ability of security providers to uphold the rule of law.

Palestinian citizens in the Gaza Strip deserve a modern and professional security and justice service, and a reliable and transparent criminal justice system. These basic tenets of good governance are pre-requisites for development. Without them, insecurity in Gaza will increase, with consequences for Israel and the broader Middle East region. 

This report attempts to document the damage the war caused to the criminal justice infrastructure in the Gaza Strip. It includes ministerial infrastructure required for policy development and implementation, as well as policing and judicial infrastructure necessary for the direct provision of services. The report provides photographic evidence of the destruction, including an assessment of what exactly were hit and the extent of the damage caused.

By accounting for, and visually documenting, the damage done to the criminal justice infrastructure, DCAF hopes to contribute to a better international understanding of the challenges facing Gaza.