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Applying Insights from the UPR Process to Improve Reporting on SDG 16 - Geneva Peace Week Event Report

25 February, 2022


As part of the 2021 Geneva Peace Week, DCAF together with UPR Info and WFUNA held a roundtable discussion aimed at drawing lessons from the Universal Periodic Review process and how they could help improve reporting on the Sustainable Development Goals through the Voluntary National Reviews. In particular, the event focused on the crucial role of Civil Society Organizations in these two processes.

A recording of the event can be found on DCAF’s Youtube channel. This roundtable discussion was held as part of Geneva Peace Week’s thematic track on “Confronting inequalities and advancing inclusion, peace, and SDG16”. A summary of key emerging insights from events and digital series relating to this track is available. This event was made possible with the financial support of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.