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Analyses and assessment report: Al Istiqlal University: A Potential Strategic Partner for Security Sector Reform in Palestine

30 December, 2018



 The aim was to develop the Palestinian security sector through Al Istiqlal University. It seeks to identify gaps in line with the requirements of the State of Palestine and its commitments to international treaties. A good quality education of future leaders of the security forces will lead to better service provision to citizens based on equality and justice.

This report analyzes and assess Al Istiqlal University in terms of the following:

  • content and teaching methods of BA and diploma programmes according to the reform needs of the Palestinian security sector;
  • contribution of graduates to security sector reform once employed;
  • opportunities for women in the security forces by studying and graduating from Al Istiqlal University.


Dr. Manal Jo’abeh, Eman Redwan, Mohammad Assaf, Dr. Ghassan Hello, Dr. Mohammad Dabbous, and Dr. Yasser Abu Hamed