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Almanac on Indonesian Security Sector Reform 2007

1 January, 2007



Suripto SH, Deputy Chairman of Commission III DPR
Dr Philipp Fluri, Deputy Director of DCAF

Introduction Chapters
Beni Sudakis

The Department of Defence of the Republic of Indonesia
Kusnanto Anggoro

The Indonesian Armed Forces (TNI)
Al Araf

The Parliament and Security Sector Reform
Rico Marbun dan Hilman R. Shihab

The Indonesian National Police
S. Yunanto

Mobil Brigade (Brimob POLRI)

Special Detachment 88 (Densus 88)
Eko Maryadi

State Intelligence Agency (BIN)
Aleksius Jemadu

Strategic Intelligence Agency (BAIS)
Rizal Darma putra

The TNI Business
Eric Hendra

The Territorial Command and Security Sector Reform
Agus Widjojo

The Role of CSO in Security Sector Reform
Mufti Makaarim Al Ahlaq

The Media and Security Sector Reform
Ahmad Taufik

The Relations of DEPHAN and TNI Headquarters in the Reform Era
Rico Marbun

Border Management and National Security
Anak Agung Banyu Perwita

Indonesia’s Security Sector Legislation Reform
Bhatar Ibnu Reza



Institution Profile


This Almanac surveys the Indonesian security sector from the perspective of security sector reform and levels of democratic oversight of the armed forces. It maps out the various institutional and societal actors of the security sector and assesses – inter alia – the level of effective democratic parliamentary and civil society oversight of the security sector and considers current monitoring and guidance programmes. The volume seeks to achieve a better understanding of the current state of the Indonesian security sector, identify security sector reform (SSR) needs in the short and long term and, ultimately, create the necessary consensus for reform. It is projected that this Almanac will be updated bi-annually so as to report on the progress of reforms and the nature of emerging challenges. The Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces (DCAF) has already used a similar methodology in Turkey since 2005, the Turkish SSR Almanac serving as a focal point in the debates in Turkish society and media over the policy and practices of the security sector as Turkey continues to move towards greater European integration.


Beni Sukadis