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Security Sector Reform in South East Europe: A Study in Norms Transfer
Heiner HÄNGGI and Theodor H. WINKLER
COLE, Eden, and Philipp H. FLURI
Revisiting the State Monopoly on the Legitimate Use of Force
Alyson Bailes, Ulrich Schneckener, Herbert Wulf
Sexual Violence in Armed Conflict
Megan Bastick, Karin Grimm, and Rahel Kunz
Regulating Private Security Companies
Hans Born, Marina Caparini, Eden Cole
The Shifting Face of Violence
Alyson J.K. Bailes, Keith Krause, Theodor H. Winkler
Perspectives on Ukrainian Security Sector Reform
Horbulin,V.P., Fluri,P.H. & Pirozhkov,S.I.
Ukrainian Security Sector Reform
Philipp Fluri, Sergei Piroshkov
Democratic Oversight of the Security Sector
Willem Van Eekelen, Philipp Fluri, Alain Faupin, Pàl Dunay, Can Parker, Mehmet Dülger, ?mit Cizre, ?erif Sayin
Defence Politics of Ukraine
Oleg S. Bodruk, V. Leonov, and V. Markelov
The Security Sector Legislation of Ukraine 2016
J. Colston, P. Fluri and S. Piroshkov
Pengawasan Parlemen Dalam Sektor Keamanan
Hans Born, Philipp Fluri & Anders Johnsson
Parlamentara uzraudziba dro?ibas nozare
Hans Born, Philipp Fluri & Anders Johnsson
T?hlük?sizlik sektoruna parlament n?zar?ti
Hans Born, Philipp Fluri & Anders Johnsson
Borders and Security Governance
Marina Caparini and Otwin Marenin
Combating Terrorism and Its Implications for the Security Sector
Theodor H. Winkler, Anja H. Ebnöther and Mats B. Hansson
Security Sector Expert Formation
Fluri, Philipp and David Law
Sourcebook on Security Sector Reform
Philipp Fluri and Miroslav Hadzic
From Revolution to Reform
Philipp H. Fluri & Eden Cole