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DCAF Reports 2017

Annual Report 2017

The DCAF Annual Report 2017 is a concise review of some of our key achievements and outputs over 2017. Presented in four clear sections, it covers the full spectrum of DCAF's mandate, including:

  • Providing SSR expertise around the world
  • Helping international SSR actors to enhance their own performance
  • Bringing real-world experience to policy development

View the DCAF Annual Report 2017:

Performance Report 2017

This is the second annual performance report that DCAF has developed as part of the implementation of its results-based management (RBM) system at the corporate level. After the successful completion of two piloting phases, the year 2017 marked the first period of full-scale implementation of the corporate approach to RBM.

This second performance report demonstrates that DCAF has effectively contributed towards improved governance of national security sectors in line with the rule of law and respect for human rights. The annex to the report provides a comprehensive overview of the projects and programmes, as well as key activities undertaken in 2017.

View the DCAF Performance Report 2017

View the Annex to the DCAF Performance Report 2017

DCAF Annual Report

DCAF Annual Performance Report