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Hans Born

Assistant Director, Head of Policy & Research Division

Hans Born is Assistant Director and Head of the Policy and Research Division at DCAF. He has conducted policy research studies in the areas of human rights, accountability and security sector governance for the United Nations, the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe, the Council of Europe and the European Parliament. Furthermore, He has co-initiated the Inter-Parliamentary Forum for Security Sector Governance in Southeast Asia (IPF-SSG) and the International Conference for Ombuds-Institutions for Armed Forces (ICOAF).

He has published widely on security sector reform and governance. His latest publications include "Good Governance of the Security Sector in Southeast Asia: What Role for Parliament?€"(Phnom Penh, 2016, co-edited together with Mario J. Aguja). "Making International Intelligence Cooperation Accountable" (2016, together with Ian Leigh and Aidan Wills), "Governing the Bomb: Democratic accountability and civilian control of nuclear weapons"€ (Oxford University Press, 2011, co-edited with Bates Gill and Heiner Hanggi), "Accountability of International Intelligence Cooperation"€ (Routledge 2010, together with Ian Leigh and Aidan Wills) and "Parliamentary Oversight of the Security Sector: ECOWAS Parliament-DCAF Guide for West African Parliamentarians"€ (ECOWAS, 2011). He is also the lead-author of the IPU-DCAF Handbook on Parliamentary Oversight of the Security Sector, which is DCAF's flagship publication for members of parliament and which has been translated into over 40 languages.

In his previous position as Deputy Head of the Research Division of DCAF, he has conducted operational capacity building activities in Southeast Asia at the regional level as well as in-country projects. These in-country operational projects included capacity building in the areas of police accountability (e.g. in Myanmar in the framework of an EU project to support police reform), parliamentary capacity building (in Cambodia, with support of the Swiss Development and Cooperation), SSR/DDR in peace processes (in the Philippines, on request of the Office of the Presidential Advisor on the Peace Process of the Philippines) as well as on SSR (as part of the National Defense College of the Philippines SSR workshop cycle)  or support of multi-stakeholder dialogues on SSR in Cambodia, Philippines and Thailand. He holds an MA degree in Public Administration from the University of Twente and a PhD in social sciences from Tilburg University.