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Security sector governance assessment: an evaluation guide

6 February, 2024



This publication will be re-issued shortly.

Security sector governance is a complex phenomenon that requires permanent updating of the legal framework, concretisation of processes for performing new tasks, and continuous development of human capabilities.

The interaction of these three factors: norms, processes and people create the environment for security and development.  

Changes in the security environment must be monitored, fixed, and adjusted to current needs. Periodic, objective, and reasoned evaluation demonstrates the quality of the changes and helps specify the direction of progress. This is the purpose of the evaluation.

The Security Sector Governance Assessment must respond to security needs, uncover weak links, and promote successful practises.  

The guide is addressed to experts in security sector governance (SSG).

It provides indicators and quantification methods, formulates relevant questions that can support the evaluation, and suggests some sources of information based on a case study of Moldova.

Quantitative and qualitative research methods are suggested for assessing compliance with the principles of good governance in the security sector.